Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kansas in Nebraska Swing

Photo: Stephanie Larsen, Jacki Miller, and Eastin Yates flashing a smile for the camera!

On January 23rd and 24th, the team traveled to Lincoln, NE to compete in the Kansas in Nebraska swing, co-hosted by UNL and K-State. Here are results:

Saturday, January 23rd:
Iven Mendoza: 1st in Duo with Cortney Griffith, 2nd in Poetry, 3rd in Prose, 3rd in POI. Iven also won individual sweepstakes.
Jacki Miller: 1st in Extemp, 4th in Impromptu. Jacki paced 3rd in individual sweepstakes.
Brian Robinson: 1st in Persuasion, 1st in ADS.
Jonna Rebensdorf: 2nd in DI, 4th in Duo with Stephanie Larsen, 6th in Prose
Tessie Stednitz: 5th in Informative
Eastin Yates: 4th in Poetry, 4th in POI
Cortney Griffith: 1st in duo with Iven Mendoza, 5th in DI
Danielle Steen: 2nd in Persuasion

UNO placed 1st as a team.

Sunday, January 24th:
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in Communication Analysis, 4th in Persuasion
Iven Mendoza: 1st in POI, 5th in Prose
Jonna Rebensdorf: 4th in Duo with Stephanie Larsen, 5th in DI
Stephanie Larsen: 3rd in POI, 4th in Duo with Jonna Rebensdorf, 5th in Informative Speaking
Tessie Stednitz: 2nd in Informative Speaking
Brian Robinson: 2nd in Persuasion

UNO placed 3rd as a team on Sunday.
UNO placed 1st in combined team sweepstakes for the weekend.

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  1. Congratulations! Another clean sweep and a great start to the spring semester. Keep up the great work team!