Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Mark and Randy!

Photo: Dr. Randy Rose and Dr. Mark Wohar smile for the camera, knowing they've set the forensics team up for success this year.

Hello everyone! We'd like you to meet two men who have kicked-off the 2010-2011 forensics season with a bang. Dr. Randy Rose (UNO School of Communication) and Dr. Mark Wohar (UNO Department of Economics) have stepped forward and made matching donations to the forensics team. Together, these two men have already paid for one-quarter of the money we need to raise for the national tournament in April. Not only will their gift pay for competition, but it also decreases the burden on our students to do extra fundraising throughout the year, which keeps them focused on academics.

Brian Robinson, a senior on the team, had this to say about Mark and Randy's generosity:

"After having competed in forensics for seven seasons, I can truly say that it is only by our donations and others like Dr. Wohar and Dr. Rose that this noble activity can endure. A great debt is owed to those who support and cherish the art of forensics. Thank you."

Thank you, Mark and Randy, for your commitment to UNO, forensics, and our students. We will do all we can to make you proud this year.