Monday, October 3, 2011

UNO Forensics Starts Strong!

The UNO Forensics team brought home two team championships after their first weekend of competition! The team traveled to Hutchinson, KS for the first tournament of the year. We had many adventures, including a picnic in the park in Fairview, KS and a squirrel funeral at the tournament. Highlights include: Senior Tessie Stednitz won individual sweepstakes on both Saturday and Sunday and everyone on the team broke over the course of the weekend. It was a great 2011-2012 kick-off tournament! Check out results!

Saturday, September 24th:
Tessie Stednitz: 1st in Poetry, 1st in Drama, 1st in Duo with Cole Evans, 2nd in Prose. Overall Individual Sweepstakes champion!
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in Impromptu, 2nd in Extemp
Stephanie Henderson: 1st in POI, 4th in Duo with Lauren Ackerman
Cole Evans: 1st in Duo with Tessie, 3rd in Duo with Trae Graham, 4th in Prose
Trae Graham: 2nd in Poetry, 3rd in Duo with Cole, 6th in Drama, Impromptu Semis
Joy Kathurima: 4th in Extemp
Stephanie Larsen: 2nd in Informative, 6th in Persuasion
Hope Stanley: 3rd in Persuasion
Blaine Miller: 2nd in Persuasion
Jacki Miller: Semis in Extemp

Individual Sweepstakes:
1. Tessie Stednitz (UNO)
2. Brock Ingmire (KSU)
3. Niveditha Rajagopalan (UNO)

Sunday, September 25th:

Tessie Stednitz: 1st in Poetry, 1st in Drama, 1st in Prose, 4th in Duo with Cole. Overall Individual Sweepstakes champion!
Lauren Ackerman: 1st in Duo with Steph Henderson, 1st in POI
Steph Henderson: 1st in Duo with Lauren, 2nd in POI
Trae Graham: 2nd in Duo with Cole Evans, 2nd in Poetry, 4th in Prose
Cole Evans: 2nd in Duo with Trae, 3rd in Poetry, 3rd in Prose, 4th in Duo with Tessie
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 2nd in Informative, 3rd in Extemp, 6th in CA, Impromptu Semis
Stephanie Larsen: 4th in Info, 5th in Persuasion, 6th in duo with Karlee
Karlee Currin: 5th in Drama, 6th in Duo with Steph L
Dan Cutter: 5th in POI
Blaine Miller: 4th in Persuasion
Hope Stanley: 6th in Persuasion
Natalie Schneider: Semis in Impromptu
Jacki Miller: Semis in Impromptu & Extemp

Individual Sweepstakes:
1st: Tessie Stednitz (UNO)
2nd: Cole Evans (UNO) and Mike Dvorak (Hastings College) tied for 2nd place
The team will travel to Bethel College over Fall Break to compete for the second time this fall. If you are interested in watching them perform, just e-mail Abbie Syrek at and you can swing by practice. We'd love to have you!

Photo: Senior Tessie Stednitz won Individual Sweeps both days. She is featured here with coach Cameron Logsdon.