Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chillin' in Manhattan, the good one

We're chillin' in Manhattan with Nick Herink and Taylor Sloey. Nick and Taylor compete for UNL and have a new duo this weekend. Can't wait to see it! Someimes Nick forgets to pack clothes for the tournament and has to borrow them. Nick creates alternate realities wherein he thinks UNO judges glare at him while he performs. How could we possibly glare at such a beautiful performer?

In other news, Starbucks donated coffee to the tournament! More results to come as the day continues . . .

Friday, February 26, 2010

Results from State!

Photo: Stephanie Larsen, Eastin Yates, Tessie Stednitz and Allison Henri enjoy a team dinner on Friday night.

The forensics team had an amazing state tournament on February 20th. We traveled to Doane College to compete against the other amazing schools in our state. On Friday night the team enjoyed dinner at the 9th Street Grill (see photos above). The tournament began early Saturday morning and UNO had a great showing! In addition to having five state champions in six events, UNO won the state Quality Award and placed 2nd in team sweepstakes.

Photo: Jonna Rebensdorf, Cortney Griffith, Iven Mendoza, Tessie Stednitz, Allison Henri, Blaine Miller, and Cameron Logsdon stopped for a photo after the awards ceremony.
  • Cameron Logsdon was the state champion of Prose and Program of Oral Interpretation. He also placed 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation and 4th in Duo with Allison Henri.
  • Niveditha Rajagopalan was the state champion of After-Dinner Speaking. She also placed 2nd in Oratory, qualifying her to compete at the national Interstate Oratory Contest at the University of Oklahoma in April. Niveditha also placed 3rd in Extemporaneous Speaking.
  • Iven Mendoza was the state champion in Poetry. He also placed 2nd in Program of Oral Interpretation and 3rd in Duo with Cortney Griffith.
  • Brian Robinson was the state champion in Impromptu Speaking. He also placed 6th in Oratory, 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking, 5th in After-Dinner Speaking and was a semi-finalist in Communication Analysis.
  • Tessie Stednitz was the state champion of Dramatic Interpretation.
  • Allison Henri placed 3rd in Program of Oral Interpretation and 4th in Duo with Cameron Logsdon.
  • Blaine Miller placed 3rd in Communication Analysis, 4th in Dramatic Interpretation, 4th in Prose Interpretation and 6th place in Duo with Danielle Steen.
  • Danielle Steen placed 6th in Duo with Blaine Miller.
  • Cortney Griffith placed 3rd in Duo with Iven Mendoza and 5th in Dramatic Interpretation.
  • Eastin Yates placed 6th in Program of Oral Interpretation and was the top-novice in Prose Interpretation.
  • Stephanie Larsen placed 7th in Informative Speaking.
In addition to this competitive success, UNO was very pleased to have three students nominated for the Spirit of NIFA Award. Each school in the state nominates two students for this award who demonstrate leadership, professionalism, and success both competitively and/or in leadership roles. Three UNO students were nominated by other schools for the award: Niveditha Rajagopalan, Brian Robinson, and Eastin Yates. The winners were both from UNL, Taylor Sloey and Mallory Marsh. Congratulations to two outstanding students for this well-deserved award!

Finally, as was mentioned above, the state tournament is unique because the top two speakers in Oratory advance to compete at the national Interstate Oratorical Association tournament at the University of Oklahoma in April. Niveditha Rajagoplana placed 2nd in Oratory, Amanda Bouc from Doane College was the champion of the event. Both ladies will travel to Norman to the oldest public speaking competition in the nation. Good luck!

Photo: Three very happy coaches! Ryan Syrek, Abbie Syrek and Vanessa Hatfield are all smiles after the state tournament.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Results from the Fat Tuesday Swing

Photo: Coach Vanessa Hatfield is pictured between her parents, Doug and Betty at the Hatfield home on Saturday night. Dan Reeker and Iven Mendoza are ready to eat!

UNO sent nine students and two coaches to UNK February 6th-7th to compete in the annual Fat Tuesday swing. Coach Vanessa's family invited the team over for dinner on Saturday night. As Tessie and Eastin played the piano and sang music from the musical Wicked, Abbie taught Niveditha how to wash dishes! The rest of the team ate their weight in lasagna, cupcakes and ice cream. Thanks Mama and Papa Hatfield for a wonderful night!

Photo: Abbie teaches Niveditha how to wash dishes at the Hatfield home Saturday night. Niv was not thrilled, but Abbie was happy that she learned something new!

Saturday, February 6th
Allison Henri: 1st in Informative Speaking, 1st in POI
Danielle Steen: 1st in Duo with Blaine, 2nd in Persuasion
Blaine Miller: 1st in Duo with Danielle
Brian Robinson: 1st in Persuasion
Jacki Miller: 4th in Extemp, 6th in Persuasion.
Jonna Rebensdorf: 4th in prose, 6th in Informative Speaking
Tessie Stednitz: 4th in Informative Speaking

Jacki Miller placed 3rd in individual sweepstakes. UNO placed 3rd as a team.

Crew goes to Hutchinson

On January 30th and 31st, Coach Vanessa took Iven, Jonna and Stephanie to Hutchinson, KS for a tournament at Hutchinson Community College. You can tell from the picture above that they had a great time. Here are the results:

Saturday, January 30th:
Stephanie Larsen: 1st in Duo with Jonna, 3rd in POI, 4th in DI, 5th in Informative.
Jonna Rebensdorf: 1st in Duo with Stephanie, 6th in DI.
Iven Mendoza: 1st in POI

Stephanie also placed 2nd in individual sweepstakes. UNO placed 3rd as a team.

Sunday, January 31st:
Stephanie Larsen: 1st in Informative Speaking, 6th in DI.
Jonna Rebensdorf: 2nd in Prose, 6th in Informative Speaking.
Iven Mendoza: 1st in Prose

UNO placed 3rd as a team.