Friday, December 11, 2009

Results from the Outer Limits Swing

The last tournament of the semester was co-hosted by the University of NE-Kearney and Concordia College (Minnesota). It was a great way to end the semester!

Saturday, December 4th
Blaine Miller: 1st in Drama
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Poetry
Brian Robinson: 2nd in Communication Analysis, 5th in ADS
Eastin Yates: 2nd in Duo with Tessie Stednitz
Tessie Stednitz: 2nd in Duo with Eastin Yates
Allison Henri: 4th in Persuasion, 4th in ADS
Jonna Rebensdorf: 5th in Drama
Stephanie Larsen: 4th in POI

UNO placed 4th in team sweepstakes.

Sunday, December 5th
Sunday was a unique tournament because it was the end of the semester showcase. All nationally-qualified events (some of which had been benched since early October), were dusted off and compete once again. Here are results:

Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Prose, 1st in Drama, 2nd in Duo with Allison, 3rd in POI, 4th in Poetry. Cameron also won overall individual sweepstakes.
Allison Henri: 1st in Poetry, 2nd in Duo with Cameron, 3rd in ADS, 4th in Persuasion. Allison won 3rd in overall individual sweepstakes.
Brian Robinson: 1st in Impromptu, 2nd in CA, 5th in EXT
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in ADS, 5th in Impromptu
Tessie Stednitz: 2nd in Poetry, 5th in POI
Blaine Miller: 4th in Drama, 4th in CA

UNO placed 1st in team sweepstakes.

Combined Sweepstakes:
UNO placed 2nd in combined sweepstakes.

Monday, November 2, 2009

UNgO Nuts and Doane-Nut Annual Swing!

We hosted our annual swing tournament with Doane College this weekend. We had a great time incorporating Halloween and Dia de los Muertos themes into the tournament. Thanks to UNO faculty members Lynnette and Mark Leonard for judging all weekend and to Rita Shaughnessy for donating food. Also, a huge thanks to UNO Forensics alumni Becky Boyer, Cary Clark, Matt Eledge, Doug Hitzel, Marty Ertz, Teresa Oberdorfer and Buey Ruet for judging! It was so much fun to have our alumni on campus. Thanks for a great weekend. Here are results:

Saturday, October 31st
On Saturday, only four students competed for UNO, as the rest of the team helped run the tournament.

Jonna Rebensdorf: 1st in Duo with Stephanie Larsen, 2nd in DI
Stephanie Larsen: 1st in Duo with Jonna Rebensdorf, 4th in POI
Eastin Yates: 5th in POI
Jacki Miller: 5th in Persuasion
Blaine Miller: 1st in Persuasion

Sunday, November 1st:
The entire team (except for Allison Henri, who was out with the flu) competed on Sunday.

Blaine Miller: 1st in CA, 1st in Duo with Danielle Steen, 3rd in Prose
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in Extemp, 1st in Impromptu, 4th in CA
Danielle Steen: 1st in Informative, 1st in Duo with Blaine Miller
Stephanie Larsen: 2nd in DI, 2nd in POI, 3rd in Duo with Jonna Rebensdorf
Jonna Rebensdorf: 3rd in Duo with Stephanie Larsen, 5th in DI
Jacki Miller: 5th in Extemp, 5th in Persuasion
Eastin Yates: 6th in POI
Brian Robinson: 2nd in ADS, 2nd in CA
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Poetry
Tessie Stednitz: 1st in POI

Blaine Miller got 2nd and Niveditha Rajagopalan got 3rd in Overall Individual Sweepstakes.

I'll get pictures up soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results from the Nebraska Double-Up

Hey everyone! We had another successful weekend at Creighton University for the Nebraska Double-Up. Here are the results:

Saturday October 24th

Allison Henri: 2nd in Prose, 3rd in ADS, 3rd in Duo (w/Cameron), 1st in Poetry, and 2nd Overall Speaker
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 3rd in CA, 6th in EXT
Brian Robinson: 6th in ADS
Blaine Miller: 4th in CA
Cameron Logsdon: 3rd in Duo (w/Allison), 3rd in DI, 3rd in Poetry

Sunday October 25th

Cameron Logsdon: 1st in DI, 1st in Duo (w/Allison)
Allison Henri: 1st in Duo (w/Cameron), 2nd in Poetry, 2nd in Prose, 2nd in individual sweeps. 2nd in overall individual sweeps for the weekend
Danielle Steen: 2nd in Info
Brian Robinson: 3rd in ADS
Blaine Miller: 3rd in Prose
Jonna Rebensdorf: 5th in DI
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 6th in CA

UNO finished 4th on both Saturday, Sunday, and overall!

UNO Forensics will host our annual tournament with Doane College this weekend. If you want to attend or judge email

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Results from the Sunflower Swing

On October 10th and 11th the team traveled to Newton, KS to attend the Sunflower Swing, co-hosted by Bethel College and the University of Oklahoma. Here are the results:

Saturday, October 10th:
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Prose, 1st in POI, 3rd in DI
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in ADS, 3rd in Impromptu
Tessie Stednitz: 1st in Poetry, 3rd in POI
Brian Robinson: 1st in Extemp, 3rd in CA, 4th in Impromptu
Blaine Miller: 1st in Persuasion, 6th in Duo (with Danielle)
Jacki Miller: 3rd in Persuasion
Stephanie Larsen: 5th in DI
Danielle Steen: 6th in Duo (with Blaine)
Eastin Yates: 2nd in POI

UNO got 2nd in team sweeps.

Sunday, October 11th
Brian Robinson: 1st in Extemp, 4th in CA
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Prose, 2nd in POI, 2nd in DI
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 3rd in Impromptu
Danielle Steen: 2nd in Informative
Tessie Stednitz: 3rd in Duo (with Eastin), 3rd in POI
Eastin Yates: 3rd in Duo (with Tessie), 6th in POI
Jacki Miller: 3rd in Persuasion
Blaine Miller: 3rd in Prose
Jonna Rebensdorf: 4th in Duo (with Stephanie)
Stephanie Larsen: 4th in Duo (with Jonna)

UNO got 2nd in team sweeps.

Combined Sweepstakes:
UNO took 2nd in combined sweepstakes for the weekend.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Results from K-State

Our first tournament of the year was this weekend at Kansas State University. The team had a great showing:

Saturday, October 3rd:
Allison Henri: 1st in Poetry, 1st in ADS, 2nd in Duo with Cameron Logsdon, 4th in Prose. Allison won overall individual sweepstakes on Saturday.
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in Extemp, 2nd in ADS, 4th in Impromptu
Brian Robinson: 1st in Impromptu, 4th in Extemp, 5th in CA.
Blaine Miller: 1st in Persuasion, 3rd in Prose
Cameron Logsdon: 2nd in Duo with Allison Henri, 4th in DI
Tessie Stednitz: 3rd in Poetry, 3rd in POI
Eastin Yates: 5th in POI
Danielle Steen: 6th in Informative
Stephanie Larsen and Jonna Rebensdorf: 6th in Duo

1st place in Team Sweepstakes.

Sunday, October 4th:
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Prose, 1st in POI, 4th in Duo (with Allison) won Overall Individual Sweepstakes
Allison Henri: 1st in Poetry, 2nd in Prose, 4th in Duo
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in ADS, 2nd in Ext, 4th in Impromptu
Tessie Stednitz: 1st in Duo with Eastin Yates, 2nd in Poetry, 3rd in POI
Eastin Yates: 1st in Duo with Tessie
Brian Robinson: 1st in Impromptu, 5th in Extemp
Blaine Miller: 3rd in Persuade
Danielle Steen: 5th in Informative

1st place in team sweepstakes.

Combined Sweepstakes Results:
Allison Henri won Overall Individual Sweeps for the weekend
The team won Overall Individual Sweeps for the weekend

Thanks to KSU for hosting such a great tournament. Thanks to Aaron Duncan for getting us such a great discount at Super 8!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kansas State Results

Hey everyone! We're here at Kansas State for the first tournament of the year. We're going to be posting results on our Twitter feed as the day progresses, if anyone is interested! Head to The first post is already up! More as it happens.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Forensics coaching staff was hit with the flu this week! It's not easy to satisfy the needs of hard-working students when no coaches are available to help. Thankfully, we all recovered and practice was at full throttle tonight. I'm thrilled to share that we finished another speech!

We're now looking forward to the annual swing we host with Doane College, which will be held at UNO October 31st and November 1st. Any fun Halloween themes you'd like to see for trophies? While you ponder that, don't forget about our Mary Kay fundraiser on Saturday, September 12th. Remember that you can always purchase products online and the proceeds will still be donated to our program. To do so, visit the link below and then click "Contact Me" at the top of the page. This will allow you to email Betty Hatfield, our party consultant, to place your order. Just be sure to tell her that your order is part of the UNO Forensics fundraiser! Enjoy shopping!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mary Kay Party With a Purpose - To Support the UNO Speech Team!

Now, I know we just did a fundraiser, but not everybody loves baked goods and snack food as much as they like Mary Kay products!!! With this in mind, you are invited to A Mary Kay Party With A Purpose!

On Saturday, September 12 from 2-6 pm at 914 S 37th St Omaha, NE 68105, the team will be hosting a fun get-together with the chance to pick up some Mary Kay goodies you can't find in the stores! 100% of the profits go to support UNO Forensics and our bid to pay for our national tournament. The team travels most weekends from October through April, so our time to start really rolling in donations to pay for nationals is running out. Come and support the team and snag some stuff for yourself while you're at it! Anyone is welcome, but if you wouldn't mind shooting a quick RSVP to, it would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you there.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Workshop

On Saturday, August 29th we had another workshop on campus. This was our first chance to get a good look at this year's team in action. We are discovering a bit of a demographics issue.

That some of us may have a problem with.

On a positive note, it's always fun when school starts and the team is together again. We've spent the summer talking about a lot of social, political and cultural issues that our students are energized about. It's so much fun to watch the light bulb go off as they discover new passions and develop their own "voice." We've got interpers watching persuasion and extempers watching poetry! Oh, and you'll all be pleased to know that we only had one event go over 13 minutes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: Smells like success!

Just a quick update from the bake sale! Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz snapped this pic of the gang in action slinging brownies and cookies. If you didn't get a chance to stop by and say hi or make a donation, we've anchored a link on this blog to the foundation Web site, where you can make a gift at any time. As for actually chatting with us, you'll see us around campus at different events all year long.

Monday, August 31, 2009

UNO Forensics Fundraiser!


Hey everyone! We've set up this blog to keep everybody (friends, family...kind-hearted strangers) up to date about the comings-and-goings of the UNO Forensics team this season. Long before competition begins, we're already hard at work...trying to raise money to pay for competition! We're holding a bake sale fundraiser tomorrow (Wednesday, September 2) at the Milo Bail Student Center (1st floor, by the stairs) from 11 am to 2 pm. We'll have a variety of baked goods, sandwiches, pretzels, cake, veggies...I'm hungry already. So head down tomorrow, say hi to some of the squad from the 2009-2010 season and help us start this year off right! We really mean it when we say we can't succeed without the help of people like you, so come on and get some grub and support a good cause!