Friday, December 11, 2009

Results from the Outer Limits Swing

The last tournament of the semester was co-hosted by the University of NE-Kearney and Concordia College (Minnesota). It was a great way to end the semester!

Saturday, December 4th
Blaine Miller: 1st in Drama
Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Poetry
Brian Robinson: 2nd in Communication Analysis, 5th in ADS
Eastin Yates: 2nd in Duo with Tessie Stednitz
Tessie Stednitz: 2nd in Duo with Eastin Yates
Allison Henri: 4th in Persuasion, 4th in ADS
Jonna Rebensdorf: 5th in Drama
Stephanie Larsen: 4th in POI

UNO placed 4th in team sweepstakes.

Sunday, December 5th
Sunday was a unique tournament because it was the end of the semester showcase. All nationally-qualified events (some of which had been benched since early October), were dusted off and compete once again. Here are results:

Cameron Logsdon: 1st in Prose, 1st in Drama, 2nd in Duo with Allison, 3rd in POI, 4th in Poetry. Cameron also won overall individual sweepstakes.
Allison Henri: 1st in Poetry, 2nd in Duo with Cameron, 3rd in ADS, 4th in Persuasion. Allison won 3rd in overall individual sweepstakes.
Brian Robinson: 1st in Impromptu, 2nd in CA, 5th in EXT
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 1st in ADS, 5th in Impromptu
Tessie Stednitz: 2nd in Poetry, 5th in POI
Blaine Miller: 4th in Drama, 4th in CA

UNO placed 1st in team sweepstakes.

Combined Sweepstakes:
UNO placed 2nd in combined sweepstakes.