Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

It seems like yesterday that we were in San Marcos, TX for the amazing AFA-NIET hosted by Texas State University. After taking a short rest this summer, we are thrilled to introduce the new team! We have yet to take a full team photo because, well, the first few weeks of school have been a little crazy! But here are some photos of the team getting to work! Our first tournament will be at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson KS, September 29th and 30th. We are geared up for the new season and thankful for your support and enthusiasm. Go Mavs!
Trae Graham, Karlee Currin, Dan Cutter, and Preston Prauner hanging out in Abbie's office!
The new faces of MavForensics on their first official campus tour! Queeny Pimentel, Bridget Hames, Catie Zaleski, Preston Prauner (not pictured but loved equally, Nithya Rajagopalan). Be sure to catch our weekly team updates, posted every Monday. Cheers until then!