Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results from the Nebraska Double-Up

Hey everyone! We had another successful weekend at Creighton University for the Nebraska Double-Up. Here are the results:

Saturday October 24th

Allison Henri: 2nd in Prose, 3rd in ADS, 3rd in Duo (w/Cameron), 1st in Poetry, and 2nd Overall Speaker
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 3rd in CA, 6th in EXT
Brian Robinson: 6th in ADS
Blaine Miller: 4th in CA
Cameron Logsdon: 3rd in Duo (w/Allison), 3rd in DI, 3rd in Poetry

Sunday October 25th

Cameron Logsdon: 1st in DI, 1st in Duo (w/Allison)
Allison Henri: 1st in Duo (w/Cameron), 2nd in Poetry, 2nd in Prose, 2nd in individual sweeps. 2nd in overall individual sweeps for the weekend
Danielle Steen: 2nd in Info
Brian Robinson: 3rd in ADS
Blaine Miller: 3rd in Prose
Jonna Rebensdorf: 5th in DI
Niveditha Rajagopalan: 6th in CA

UNO finished 4th on both Saturday, Sunday, and overall!

UNO Forensics will host our annual tournament with Doane College this weekend. If you want to attend or judge email asyrek@unomaha.edu.

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